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★★★★★ Readers' Favorite Award 

The Condo

The Condo is a short novel about Ellen Sortell, a socialite and the adopted daughter of one of the wealthiest families in America. She lived a sheltered life, first with her family in America and then in Paris where she studied art with Peter Renol, one of France’s prestigious artists. He was a man she admired and fell in love with but never married. After the death of her parents, she moved to the Chesterfield Towers in Winter Haven, Florida. Ellen was fifty-three. It was here that she found loving friendships and people who accepted her just as she was. She felt loved and safe. But her peaceful existence came to a startling end when her friends became entangled in a frightening lawsuit that ultimately tore the condo apart.

Banjo Billy and the River Rat Kids

Banjo Billy and the River Rat Kids is a story about two boys, Jeremy P. Stone and Ollie Preston, growing up in Appalachia in the early nineteen hundreds. When they come in contact with a stranger named Banjo Billy, they jump at the promise of money. Half-Indian and half-French, Banjo Billy is a colorful character who will keep you intrigued with his stories of the Gold Rush days. The boys share many adventures including a ride on the B & O railroad, their first look at the bank president's new automobile, and the trip to see the Wright Brothers and their wonderful flying machine. They also witness electricity come to town and the post office having the town's first telephone.

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The Little Purple Pumpkin

Hidden deep in Farmer Jackson's Pumpkin Patch was a secret. No one noticed the secret until one fateful day. Of course, The Little Purple Pumpkin wanted to be orange like all the other pumpkins. So she cried and cried until one day, a wise old owl told her how valuable she was-purple skin and all.Follow the journey one little pumpkin takes from being the most miserable pumpkin to the happiest pumpkin in Farmer Jackson's Pumpkin Patch. Readers of all ages can learn the story of acceptance in this world of perfection from The Little Purple Pumpkin.


★★★★★ Readers' Favorite Award

Barnes & Noble Kids' Club Eligible! 

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The Ruby Bird

Based on a true story from the Ottoman Empire. Presented with a ruby and emerald broach, the Ruby Bird fell into the hands of the Sultan Suleiman the Magnificant. For years, the broach lay in a jeweled box, untouched, until his seventh wife found it. She pinned it on the sultan’s turban, and soon after, the Sultan passed away. Upon his death, the palace became a museum. His statue, garbed in his royal robes and jeweled turban was displayed in a museum as a tribute to the glorious years of the Ottoman Empire. A trusted night watchman stole the ruby bird from the turban and sold it in the black-market bazaar for a handsome price. He and the Ruby Bird disappeared. And thus the story begins.

★★★★★ Readers' Favorite Award 

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Charlie Dee Dragon

Charlie Dee Dragon was a handsome dragon with sparking emerald eyes and a long beautiful blue body. He had many friends, even though sometimes when he opened his big mouth, sparks of fire came thundering out. And they all had to wait for the cloud of smoke to clear before they could see each other. One day something very strange happened. They heard bells ringing. They sounded so beautiful that Charlie Dee decided he must have them for himself. So, he set off for a great adventure to find the bells. 

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Bedtime stories for God's Little ones

A read-aloud book for young children, filled with stories that will amuse them and tell of God’s great love for each of them. I believe we must teach our children, even before they can talk, about honoring their parents, forgiving, finding the joy in giving, waiting on God’s timing, saying a simple prayer, sharing, and loving one another. The Ten Commandments are hidden within each story—not with don’ts, but with dos. Love one another as God has loved us.

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a pocket full of dreams

From the magical world of make-believe come A Pocket Full of Dreams. Four-year-old Ashley Jane takes a whirling, exciting trip into the land of beautiful dreams where she meets Mr. Dream Man. He has all kinds of dreams to choose from. One about a shy little rainbow, living amongst a sky of stars. Suddlenly, the stars and moon disappear... where have they gone to? Only Mr. Dream Man knows the answer...

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