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Billie Atamer is a prolific writer whose genres range from illustrated children's books to complex thrillers. Atamer began her writing career producing content for the United Artist Cable Television, The Sunny Side of the Rainbow with Miss Billie, and The Promise Tree with Miss Billie. Known on stage and screen as "Miss Billie," she appeared on national television promoting her books, Cindy Lou's Very Special Christmas Tree, and What's an Easter?


Atamer attended The Conservatory of Music in Cincinnati, Ohio where she majored in drama and music and taught creative drama in Westchester, NY. She has published over 40 novels, children's books, plays, and short stories. Atamer currently resides in Vero Beach, Florida.


My Books

Banjo Billy and the River Rat Kids

The Little Purple Pumpkin

The Ruby Bird


As an adult, and as grandmother, I enjoy these stories so much. What a gift you have and I'm glad you share it. The messages in the stories are so poignant.



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